Psychological profile of pandemic

By April 18, 2020blog-en

Researchers from the Department of Psychology and the Laboratory for Experimental Psychology, in cooperation with PIN, have been monitoring the psychological aspects of the pandemic in Serbia since the beginning of March. Every day we ask people from all over Serbia what they think, which days and events were especially difficult, how they feel, where they get informed, what they do, what they buy, what they care about and whether they remember how they felt before March. We track what worries us the most, what we would like to know and who we trust. Until today, 6121 people from all over Serbia have participated in our study, and we will be collecting data until the end of the pandemic. In this way, we will be able to track changes in people’s feelings and behavior, map out events that have particularly upset or calmed us, and caused us to change behavior or feel differently about the whole situation.

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