Mental health affects how people think, how they feel, and how they act. Preserved mental health helps people make healthy choices, achieve personal goals, develop healthy relationships, and cope with stress.

In most countries, there are insufficient resources for mental health services, both human and financial. The largest part of the avalable funds aimed at improving health care is directed to specialist treatment, and to a lesser extent to prevention, support and an itegrated mental health care system.

Recognizing the lack of available mental health support and existing needs, especially after all that the pandemic has brought, PIN has launched the Solidarity Program under which we provide free psychological support to:

  • children with behavioral problems (through individual and group psychological support, as well as through psychoeducational workshops)
  • children and youth without parental care (through individual and group psychological support and psychotherapeutic work)
  • homeless people (through individual and group psychological support and psychotherapeutic work)
  • users of psychiatric services (through support groups for youth and adults)

If you are interested in joining our solidarity initiative and supporting us, you can contact us by email at or by phone 062 888 09 27.