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As a part of the project Heal and Connect: Towards the improvement of mental health protection of vulnerable groups through networking and evidence-based practice, funded by GIZ, PIN is opening a call for a research expert for refugees’ mental health protection to develop a review on existing practices and policies in the refugee transit context.

The research expert will be expected to:

  • Actively contribute to the development of the regional network of organizations focused on refugees’ mental health protection by organizing introductory meetings with new members, participating in general meetings, conducting necessary preparatory and follow-up activities
  • Conduct research on existing mental health and psychosocial practices and policies in the refugee transit context
  • Create a comprehensive review of existing mental health and psychosocial practices and policies in the refugee transit context
  • Create recommendations for defining unique regional standards on mental health and psychosocial support for refugees in transit context
  • Conduct necessary administrative and reporting activities (writing reports, meeting with project staff, etc.)


Period of Services: between 17th of January 2022 and 30th of November 2022.

Working days estimation: 41 working days

Research service value estimation: 10.250,00 euros.



The call is open to researchers with relevant background in social sciences, psychology, public health, political science etc. All-carrier stage researchers are eligible; both independent researchers and researchers affiliated with academic institution are eligible to submit offers.

The advantage will be given to candidates that fulfill the following criteria:

  • PhD degree in relevant field (social sciences, psychology, public health, political science)
  • Minimum ten years of relevant experience in private or public sector
  • Experienced in the provision of mental health and psychosocial support to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants
  • Experienced in research and advocacy work in the field of the refugee protection (i.e. creating strategic documents and advocacy briefs, establishing working groups and other relevant bodies, member of relevant national and/or international networks)
  • Publishing record in the field of mental health and public health (i.e. first-author publications in peer-reviewed journals; single author monographs/books/chapters; PI position on the national or international research projects)
  • Publishing record in the field of mental health of refugees
  • Experienced in communicating scientific research results to wider audience through research reports/advocacy briefs, etc.
  • Experience in establishing and coordinating national and international networks
  • Experience in working with international donors or civil society organizations
  • Experience in working with State institutions and stakeholders

Selection criteria:

  • Expert’s qualifications.
  • Relevant previous research experience; credentials of principal investigator /research team; number, level and type of previous publications; successfully delivered similar projects.

The offer must include:

  • Research expert’s CV highlighting the experience relevant for this project
  • The researchers are encouraged to submit other documents that speak to their competences and could be relevant for assessment ability to deliver the project (e.g. previous research reports/scientific publications list/thesis/project contracts/letters of recommendation)
  • Financial offer


Offer with all supporting documents should be submitted in electronic form via e-mail: no later than 24th of December 2021 at 12:00 (GMT+2).

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