Njuz.net and PIN visited Bosilegrad, Pirot, Kikinda and Sombor

By November 7, 2019News

For the last couple of weeks, PIN has been very active within the project “Together” that we are implementing with Njuz.net and with the support of Oxfam Italia. We visited Bosilegrad, Pirot, Kikinda, and Sombor and conducted 6 interactive lectures with young athletes, high school students and primary school students on the topic about the refugees in Serbia. Additionally, we organized screenings of “The Merger” movie and the gathering of youth from the local community and refugees with activities of playing basketball, cricket and football. The participants highly enjoyed the activities and we were delighted by the support and solidarity that young people from the local community provide for the refugees, as well as with their interest in the topic.
Many thanks to Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, Australia in Serbia, The Macedonia and Montenegro, The Merger, Municipality of Bosilegrad, Center of Culture in Bosilegrad, Grammar High School Bosilegrad, Elementary School “Georgi Dimitrov”, Mr. Milan Tancic, Coach Ivica and great boys from Basketball Club Pirot, Kikinda National Museum, Elementary School „Zarko Zrenjanin“ Kikinda, High School of Economics in Kikinda, High School of Economics in Sombor, Primary School „Avram Mrazović“ in Sombor and Grammar High School in Sombor.
Activities are provided through European Union Support to Migration Management in the Republic of Serbia.

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