How far we are from a society that accepts: presenting research results (video)

By August 24, 2020News

During the online conference held on August 20, 2020 we presented activities and research results of the project Youth for Change: Building the resilience of Serbian youth through engagement, leadership and development of cognitive and socio-emotional skills. The project was implemented under the STRIVE Global Program, funded by the EU, and supported by Hedayah.

We also presented the results of a survey on the social attitudes of Serbian citizens, with a special emphasis on attitudes towards minorities, migrants and refugees. These results are available in our publication from 2020  – Attitudes towards Refugees and Migrants, which was initiated and supported by the Open Society Foundation.

What are the protective, as well as risk factors in the development of negative (extremist) attitudes? What is the role of preventive educational programs in strengthening the resilience of young people to prevent radicalization? Which attitudes towards different social groups are present in our society? These are just some of the topics which were discussed during this conference.

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