Call for offers for mental health and psychosocial support expert

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As a part of the project Strenthening mental health through community support networks, implemented by PIN, within the German-Serbian Development Cooperation project Social Welfare Services for sensitive groups, funded by GIZ, PIN is opening a call for a mental health and psychosocial support expert that will provide continuous supervision and consultation during the project implementation and consultation on research and advocacy work in order to ensure high quality of project implementation.

The expert will be expected to:

  • Work of defining standards for psychosocial support services, including:
    • Provision of support in establishment of a multidisciplinary team of experts – task force, that will define standards for psychosocial support services and propose it to the relevant stake-holders.
    • Defining the standards through consultative meetings and group discussions
    • Writing standards
  • Develop and monitor implementation of program of psychosocial support, including:
    • Provision of support in selection of 8 municipalities based on the needs assessment
    • Development of program of psychosocial support services, including aims, specific targets and work dynamic, tailored to the needs of each selected municipality
    • Provision of continuous support to local partners in the provision of direct psychosocial support services, including consultations, supervision, monitoring and evaluation
    • Provision of support in conducting group meetings for representatives of selected municipalities, where challenges and lessons learned will be exchanged and discussed, in order to support inter-municipal cooperation and adoption of successful models
  • Provide support in project implementation and monitoring project activities related to MHPSS

Period of Services: between 10th of October 2021 and 31th of August 2022.

Working hours estimate 200 hours.

Service value estimation 15.000 euros.


The advantage will be given to candidates that fulfill the following criteria:

  • PhD in Psychology
  • National Certificate of Psychotherapy. Advantage will be given to experts with European Certificate of Psychotherapy
  • Minimum ten years of relevant work experience in private or public sector
  • Minimum five years of experience in provision of direct psychological and psychosocial support
  • Experienced in designing and implementing MHPSS programs targeting vulnerable and marginalized groups
  • Experienced in establishing national and international task forces/working groups/consortiums, etc. focused on MHPSS
  • Experienced in advocacy work, including writing policy papers, recommendation, advocacy briefs, etc.
  • Experienced in cooperation with state institutions and national stake holders
  • Experienced in working with international donors
  • Advantage will be given to academically affiliated experts

Selection criteria:

  • Experts’ qualifications
  • Relevant previous experience in implementation, monitoring and supervision of similar projects.

The offer must include:

  • Expert’s CV highlighting the experience relevant for this project
  • The experts are encouraged to submit other documents that speak to their competences and could be relevant for assessment ability to deliver the project (e.g. similar previous projects, reports publications list/thesis/project contracts/letters of recommendation)
  • Financial offer

Offers with all supporting documents should be submitted in electronic form via e-mail: no later than 1st of October 2021 at 12:00 (GMT+2).

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