About PIN

Psychosocial Innovation Network is a non-governmental organization founded with the aim of achieving different goals in the field of psychological practice.
Our main goals are creation, development, improvement and application of diverse psychological interventions. Specific focus is put on conducting quantitative and qualitative psychosocial research which enable creation of data based recommendations for practice improvement and development of psychosocial and educational interventions which meet the needs of particular individuals, groups and the entire society.
Through these interventions we achieve our specific goals, related to providing psychosocial support, empowerment and improvement of the quality of life of individuals from vulnerable and marginalized groups. Raising awareness of various social and psychological challenges and possible overcoming strategies is also in the scope of our interventions.
In our organization we:
• Conduct scientific research aimed at exploring psychological, social and educational challenges and the needs of direct beneficiaries and wider community in which they live, as well as possible ways of overcoming these chalenges
• Publish scientific papers, reports, policy briefs and other forms of publications
• Provide psychological counselling and support, empowerment and capacity strenghtening of individuals and groups
• Organize trainings, workshops and other forms of informal education
• Establish cooperation with centers for social work, health care institutions, commissariat for refugees and migration, educational institutions, institutes and other institutions in Serbia and worldwide, which deal with psychological, social, educational, antropological and medical issues.

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